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About Me

Bhawna is a debutante and has just stepped in the writing world with an ambition to help people with their relationships. Bhawna holds a degree of MBA in HR, a Masters in Sociology, a Diploma in Education planning and management and a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychological counselling. She works in the domain of Personal Transformation and Relationships Expert and has touched many lives by now. Bhawna is settled in New Delhi with her husband and two kids.

She believes that realisation of existence of issues in relationships is not just the first step, but it automatically facilitates the resolving process. World Full of Needles is an attempt to make people realize the needles in their own relationships and how they can get rid of them and smoothen out their lives. With the help of fifteen diverse stories, the author takes you on a journey and gives you glimpses of life of people where you find yourself and realize what has been wrong all this while. More

About My Book

World full of Needles is a self help book which is meant to reinvent relationships. With the help of multiple stories, the author has tried to connect the reader with various life situations and how a needle pricks the relationships with different people. It is a collection of 15 stories and after each story, a bit of research and philosophy is given to explain the situation better. More

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What Is The Environment's Role In Personality Development?
The personality of an individual consists of all those values, behaviors, and beliefs which he or she starts acquiring right from the time of his or her infancy. It is the collective role of the heredity as well as the learning processes and the level of self-actualization that an individual gets from the environment, which is responsible for making an overall personality.

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